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How to pack light

Leaving Managua for San José I expected a one-week-stay in a city, so I filled my small backpack with the most essential things only. But it turned out to be four weeks, with me working in the fields. And I missed nothing. Here is how to travel  light!!  Weiterlesen

How dangerous is Honduras? – A local´s view

Honduras is said to be the most dangerous country in whole Central America. Especially the cities show a high crime rate. In 2015 San Pedro Sula was the second most dangerous city in the world. The murder rate with 1.11% was incredibly high and I wonder how one can live under such circumstances.

During my two weeks of travelling across the country I never felt threatened and in no other country were people more welcoming, helpful, generous and open to make new contacts with foreigners. In some places, especially at night, it can be quite dangerous out in the streets as the Maras violence has become a problem over the last years.

My only three-week long visit is far too short for making up a serious opinion about the security situation. So I asked locals about their views wherever I went. Putting together those little pieces like a puzzle, I’ll try to give an insight into the matter.  Weiterlesen

Useful Equipment

IMG_1196.JPGEs muss ja nicht immer gleich eine Machete sein… Während meiner Reise habe ich einige meiner Mitbringsel lieben gelernt und manch andere schmerzlich vermisst. Besonders empfehlenswert sind Dinge, die man für verschiedene Zwecke nutzen kann.
Hier meine Top 10 der Gegenstände, die kaum Platz wegnehmen und supernützlich sind!  Weiterlesen