Utila: A Non-Diver´s Guide

Utilla, a diverse Island

Utila, a diverse island

Utila is said to be one of the best diving spots in the world, not only for its cheap prices but also because the second largest coral-reef is located here and accessible right from the beach. Coming here as a non-diver, I was a little concerned about the possibilities on the island. But there is a lot to do on this piece of Caribbean Dream, check it out! 

First and probably the most simple thing to do is going to the beautiful public beach, called Chepes Beach, just to relax, take a swim in the crystal clear water and hang out in one of the beach bars.

It is more beautiful! So hard to get good unerwater prictures...

It is more beautiful! So difficult to get good underwater pictures…

Here you can also rent your snorkel equipment to explore the reef located around the island, the staff of „The Venue“ is welcoming and has a lot of hints as well. Here are my favourite snorkel activities:

  1. „Blue Bayou“ – Following the street to the West, you will find the docks of Coral View from where you can jump into the water and will be right in the middle of the reef. A beautiful and easy accessible spot.
  2. Few steps farther you will find a boat leaving at 11 am and 1 pm, which takes you to the beach where Neptune’s Restaurant is located. From there you have access to the reef, which was the best choice to my mind. The spots are used by some divers as well. You can spend the whole day on the beach, relaxing in the hammocks and sunloungers and having a couple of drinks while exploring. The last boat leaves at 5 pm.
  3. Own an Island for a day

    Own an island for a day

    If you book a trip to The Water Cayes, don´t forget to bring your snorkel. At the rear of the island you will have access to the reef. As the entrance can be difficult, be careful not to cut your feet on the sharp corals.

  4. There is said to be a ship wreck next to the docks at Ruby’s Inn, which is starting to be occupied by the reef. I didn´t have enough time to go there, tell me if you did!
  5. You could also go in one of the boats of the diving schools, just ask for vacancy. If you stay in their place, some of them don´t even charge you.
  6. Check out the reef around the lighthouse, but be aware of the boats cruising there.
  7. For a daytrip go to the north of the island. In the lagoon you can be certain to see nursesharks, turtles and other crazy stuff.

But there is more in addition to the snorkeling.

Jump of the dock and explore the reef!

Jump off the dock and explore the reef!

Rent a kayak! Go to Neptun’s Beach, paddle up the mangrove canal to the North Shore. One of my favourites was kayaking at night. During the new moon nights, probably for 10 nights a month, you will find biolumineszence in the lagoon. Sparkling and glowing water and fish appear as shooting stars rocketing through the water.

Go for a hike to Pumkin Hill! You will find the similarly named beach and if you are adventurous, you can explore the nearby located Fresh Water Caves on your own.

Make friends with some locals and go fishing!

Find the plane wreck hidden next to the airport strip.

And if you still haven’t had enough, of course, there are offered several tours if you want to see whale sharks or explore the Cochino Islands on board a sailing boat.

First orientation on the island

First orientation on the island

Have fun!