Playa Popoyo: Unexpectedly often comes

On a whim I went to Playa Popyo for some days and I happened to find not only a great habitation but also an awesome beach, relaxed atmosphere and – a surfing competition! 

Welcome to te Party!

Welcome to the Party!

I left San Juan del Sur, fleeing after only one night. It was obvious, this is definitely not my place. Known for its „Sunday Funday“, which I didn’t take part in, it is said to be a party location and favoured by many travelers. Well, it’s quite a nice town on the beach with lots of bars, restaurants, and shops which sell all the Non-Nicaraguan stuff a lot of travelers enjoy. But it’s exchangeable – there’s at least one town in every country offering exactly the same. Having seen so many places, I am bored with this kind of tourist attraction and decided to leave to Playa Popoyo.

The big rock (in the background! :P)!

Diverting beach setting

At Nicawaves I found a gorgeous place, which offers dorms at a great quality-price-ratio and what I need most: a quiet place to work and fast internet access. Three options of accessing the gorgeous beach, which varies between white and volcanic sand, offers beautiful rock formations and is covered with colorful stones! I am not a surfer, but I am tempted to try it in the beginners area with smooth waves…

Searching for places offering lessons, I reach an animated bar, overlooking beach and the sea. Music, drinks and announcements of a surfing competition. It’s not the World Championship (in 2015), but a local competition. What a coincidence! Of course I’d rather watch the Pro´s than getting my ass beaten up by the board!

Endless beach

Endless beach

Diverting beach setting

Big Rock

Not the world but local experts!

Not the world but local experts (Klick for video).