Wood Carving: Mayan bench at Hotel Don Moises

Art in Honduras

In Honduras I finally had the possibility to practise my recently gained carving skills! Inspired by the Mayan history of Copán, here is the result…

Staying with my friends at Hotel Don Moises in Honduras, they allowed me to work on a bench located on the rooftop. According to the Mayan history of the Copán region and nearby located ruins I decided to apply hieroglyphics. One is the symbol of cacao, pointing to my passion for the Food of Gods, the second represents the Mayan birth sign of the owner and finally I applied the symbol of Copán. Decorated with leaves and flowers, representing the tropical surroundings, it was just a crazy idea to spice up the work by adding a skull on the armrest – with reference to an exceptional contemporary German artist, Markus Lüpertz.

Wood Carving: Mayan hieroglyphs for Kakau, Ak' Ab' Al and El Zotz

Mayan symbols

Wood Carving: Carved Flowers

Flower Ornaments

Wood Carving: Carved Flower and Leaves

Armrest details

Wood Carving: Skull related to Markus Lüpertz

Armrest details

To give my project a beautiful finish, I added new cushions and besides of this designed a lounge area for relaxing evenings on the rooftop terrace. Unfortunately I will not be able to take advantage of it myself and it will be up to my friends to enjoy!

Wood Carving: Mayan bench at Hotel Don Moises

Final result

Lounge at Hotel Don Moises

Additional lounge area